Ceiling tiles and the associated hanging grids are one of the most widely used forms of ceiling systems in the commercial, health and educational sector. More often than not, the first sign of any water leak a Facility Manager or Building Owner will find, is stained or discoloured ceiling tiles. Or, worst case scenario, the ceiling tiles may have collapsed or are “washed out” completely.

Stained ceiling tiles can reveal several things as to the types of water leaks that may be causing these issues including:

• Deteriorated sealant around a roof penetration
• Overflowing box gutter
• Broken roof tiles

However there are many other reasons that your ceiling could be stained such as:

• Air conditioning unit condensation
• Leaking ductwork
• Water pipes
• Fire services system

It is absolutely critical that you investigate further to determine where the leak is coming from. It may seem insignificant to many other maintenance issues that occur with commercial buildings, but it cannot be ignored. This can lead to much bigger problems so the earlier you can detect the stained tile, the less damage that is likely to be caused.