As experts in the industry, we are committed to a culture of continuous improvement, which has led to the development of our process. It has proved to deliver effective water penetration solutions for our clients for nearly 90 years.

Our Process - Analysis, investigation, report, implementation, execution | R&BS | Commercial Roof Repairs & Building Maintenance


Analyse the overall effects of water penetration in your building or facility which involves an extensive internal inspection of the areas of water ingress and probing of the intricacies of the water leakage. This includes the analysis of the evidence of the leak and circumstances surrounding the water leakage which may involve the frequency of occurrence and the weather conditions prevalent during the event.


Investigation of the root cause of existing and potential water penetration issues involves a physical and visual inspection of the areas of roofing or building directly responsible for the water ingress. It is often found that some of the most obvious signs of water ingress aren’t the root cause of water penetration being experienced internally and a thorough investigation is carried out to these areas. This investigation is often based on our extensive experience in this area in the identification of these issues and also may involve further testing processes to the roof or building areas to ascertain the accurate cause of this water ingress.


The abovementioned analysis and investigation is then combined into a comprehensive report on the findings and then compiled into a format that can be utilised in rectifying the water ingress issues identified. This includes a comprehensive scope of works and any other further recommendations we believe are required to provide a comprehensive solution.


The implementation of this report into the current maintenance budgets and schedules, is an integral part of this process. This is often a collaborative approach including the facilities management team with a view of achieving the prioritisation of the rectification, especially in larger scale works, in view of achieving the best possible outcomes with any budgeting or scheduling constraints.


In carrying out the recommendations that have been provided through using the above process, this allows our skilled team trained in the unique processes, to provide our clients with the best possible solution.