As specialists in water penetration solutions for nearly 90 years, our expertise and skills are what set us apart. In an industry that relies on manufacturers’ warranties and specifications, it is because of this that we can commit to providing real guarantees that complement what the manufacturers provide and will continue to do so for another 90 years to come.

Drawing on nearly 90 years of building maintenance experience

R&BS has been an industry leader in external building rehabilitation since 1928. We perform high quality work throughout the whole of Queensland and New South Wales. We specialise in hospitals, universities, industrial facilities, high-rise buildings, commercial structures, and residential apartment complexes. Our wide scope of work includes roofing repair & maintenance, waterproofing, concrete restoration, expansion joints, protective coatings and many other aspects of external building maintenance.

Committed to excellence

Our reputation, earned over 88 years, is one of quality, expertise and trust. We conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times. Professionalism on-site extends from management to our most junior employee, and is evident from the beginning to the end of every project. We strive to maintain a positive relationship with you and to deliver a successful outcome for your project. Any issues that may arise on-site are immediately addressed by the project supervisor, and all work areas are maintained in a clean and safe condition to ensure the safety of the occupants, the public and the R&BS team.

Exceeding your needs and expectations

R&BS is committed to anticipating and exceeding your needs. We use the highest quality products available, and will continue to develop and seek out new products and services to help us provide the best solutions to your needs. Our cooperative spirit and dedication to excellence are the foundation of our commitment to serving you well.

This ensures that every building maintenance job is carried out to the very highest specifications.